Aim Medical Imaging’s Patient-Centred Approach Ahead of its Time

Aim Medical Imaging opened the doors of its state of the art MRI Centre in the summer 2009 with an unprecedented motto: ‘Treat patients the way you want to be treated when you are a patient’. Traditionally, the role of the radiologist had been in evaulating and interpreting images alone in a lab, not in forming relationships with patients. Aim’s founder, Dr. Attariwala, wanted to provide a physician-led service that promoted  radiologist-patient interaction, one that allowed patients to meet with a doctor immediately following their MRI scan to discuss their results. To this day, Aim Medical Imaging is still the only MRI Centre in British Columbia where patients can get same-day results communicated to them from a qualified and compassionate radiologist.

Three years later, in 2012, the Radiological Society of North America is catching on. A new bulletin entitled ‘Patients First is Radiology’s Future‘ calls upon medical professionals to re-evaulate the level of personalized care they are giving to their patients. Dr. George S. Bisset III, President of the RSNA, says, “The classical model of medical care–which portrays the authoritative physician evaluating and treating an obedient, non-inquisitive patient–is rapidly crumbling. Patients have immediate access to countless resources for information. Radiologists should be a part of the movement to build another model in its place.”

This idea of providing medical imaging with a patient-centred approach is one that Aim Medical Imaging has incorporated from its beginning.

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