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25 06, 2013

When Should You Consider a Private MRI in Canada?

2013-06-25T02:25:48-04:00June 25th, 2013|Brain MRI, Cancer Research, Early Cancer Detection, Medical Imaging, MRI, MRI Vancouver, Whole Body MRI|

Did you know that LA's Wilshire Boulevard has more MRI machines than the whole of British Columbia? Yes, you read that correctly: there are more MRI machines on one street in Los Angeles than in the entire province of BC. At only 6 MRI machines per 1 million people, Canada trails far behind other developed [...]

10 06, 2013

Brain Scapes: MRI Brain Scans Converge with Fine Art

2013-06-10T21:41:33-04:00June 10th, 2013|Brain MRI, Medical Imaging, MRI, MRI Research|

Magnetic resonance imaging and modern brain science are synonymous. Without MRI, the scientific community and world at large might still believe such widespread mythologies as 'You only use 10 per cent of your brain' or 'Your IQ score can never change.' The brain is not only the most important organ in the functional processes of [...]

4 06, 2013

MRI Study Concludes Regular Use of Probiotics Impacts Brain Function

2013-06-04T20:39:32-04:00June 4th, 2013|MRI, MRI Research|

It's no great secret that a healthy digestive tract equals greater overall health, but you may be surprised by just how true this really is. A new MRI study has shown that regular ingestion of probiotics will impact one's brain activity positively, reducing anxiety and negative emotions. The study, published by Gastroenterology, tracked 36 women [...]

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