January 5, 2018 “I chose you for the wide bore scanner, I am very claustrophobic. The machine was extremely comfortable compared to the standard narrow bore ones!”
February 20, 2018 “Having many of these done through medical imaging departments and waiting forever to get an appointment this is a breeze and worth every penny. There is no stress while you’re waiting, the area is quiet and relaxing and you’re treated like a person rather than another appointment to get through. The results are given directly to you, and you can ask questions or have things more clearly explained or clarified. It makes you feel like a person rather than a patient to be dealt with. Having the results so rapidly expedites future medical decisions needed by myself and physicians involved or give direction as to additional referrals required.”
April 12, 2018 “I obtained a Doctor’s referral but the closest facility said they would not handle my MRI (policy issue re overseas patients not in medical system). Located AIM who were helpful from the start and turned out to have an appointment vacancy and proved to be a little cheaper. Overall a win for me.”
May 29, 2018 “Your services and attention from all staff were excellent. Follow up explanations and detailed information were something one cannot get from BCMA.”
June 11, 2018 “The dr that went over results was amazing, please incorporate 1 higher seat for persons still dealing with injuries in the wait room.”
March 11, 2017 “I was very satisfied with all aspects of my service, and especially with how quickly my results were available and the very thorough explanation of my results. If I ever need another MRI then I will definitely use AIM. Thank You.” D.B.
March 6, 2017 “I just want to thank everyone there, especially my radiologist. I was seen promptly and my report forwarded to my family doctor in very short order. Just for your info: I was referred to the Rapid Access Spinal Clinic and saw my surgeon for a consultation on January 17. Then, miraculously, I had my surgery on January 19 due to a cancellation! I’m doing great. Thank you for all of your help.” K.S.
February 22, 2017 “It was such a comfort to get in earlier than the MSP wait & results that day with Dr confirming & giving advice.” L.J.
February 10, 2017 “I really appreciate your excellent services and professional medical exam and reports. This helps me significantly for my next steps of the treatments. The people at AIM are super nice and professional; it is worth the money. The MRI machine at AIM is very advanced and very suitable for the people who have the claustrophobia. I did not have any discomfort during the exam.” B.D.
October 20, 2016 “I chose AIM as a recommendation from my doctor a year ago and I came back to AIM this time as a result of my experience and familiarity with the clinic. The radiologist took the time to thoroughly explain my MRI results which was very important and valuable to me. I couldn’t help but hug him because I appreciated all the insight and explanation he offered me. It provided lots of clarity for the decision making process I will have to undergo moving forward.” M.”
September 30, 2016 “Just is unfortunate that the only AIM clinic is in Vancouver. Worth the trip from Victoria though. Over and back in a day and an appointment time that allowed for ferry travel etc. Not intimidating – patients are treated with respect and finally a medical professional group that understand that the patient is the one who should have the information – not just between Dr. to Dr”
June 19, 2016 “Everything was great! Even free parking!”
February 6, 2016 “I chose AIM as a result of internet research of your facility, machine and being able to walk away with scans and report in hand.”
December 4, 2015 “The unique experience of being able to review the images with the assigned radiologist makes this an obvious choice for anyone planning on paying for a private MRI. As a doctor myself, I appreciated being able to address my specific questions and concerns and have them reviewed immediately with the images on hand.”
August 20, 2015 “Your services were amazing and I am very grateful that you were able to fit me in on such short notice!”
March 10, 2015 “I would happily refer everyone to AIM needing Imaging.”
January 30, 2015 “Really top notch!”
December 20, 2014 “I can’t say enough good things about your service, it was great start to finish, of course I would have liked to pay less but I feel like it was money well spent.”
Sept 15, 2014 “First time using your services. Highly recommended!”
May. 29/2014 “Wish you were part of the public system! Consult was excellent!” A.
Feb. 21/2014 “You made an anxious time very pleasant and comfortable.” R.F.
Jan. 20/2014 “Dr. Hunter had excellent communication skills, very patient & used simple terms. Highly recommended.”
Dec. 19/2013 “Radiologist spent extra time with me, highly appreciated!”
Nov. 4/2013 “Highly recommended, and worth every penny!”
Sept. 24/2013 “Great experience, thank you.”
Jun. 17/2013 “Excellent services, friendly, personal, very impressed with radiologist explanation.” C.S.
May. 8/2013 “Great with immediate results with consultation with radiologist.” R.K.
Apr. 15/2013 “High resolution MRI, excellent meeting the radiologist, immediate availability, reasonably priced.” N.A.
Mar. 12/2013 “Convenient, and great opportunity to have immediate report.”
Feb. 1/2013 “I found the entire experience enjoyable. Friendly knowledgeable staff at every stage of the process. Efficient set up. Thank you!” M.S.
Jan. 20/2013 “I’m happy my doctor recommended me to your clinic, the service was perfect!” F.J.
Dec. 16/2012 “Great information on website and excellent customer service! Highly recommended!”
Oct. 6/2012 “Great experience – only issue running a few minutes late for the scan.” C.S.
Sept. 8/2012 “Thank you for diagnosing my knee injury that I’ve had for 2 years!!”
Aug. 25/2012 “I was very concerned about my health & you were quick and efficient!”
Jul. 16/2012 “Excellent recommendation from my friend. Great service!” M.
Jun. 1/2012 “Wouldn’t change a thing – except Elton John! Thanks so much!” G.M.
May 1/2012 “Slightly less expensive than local competitors.” J.A.
Apr. 12/2012 “Excellent service, information. Highly recommended.”
Mar. 22/2012 “Everybody was great, friendly, would definitely recommend. I think pricey but again I needed it done so I didn’t shop around.” C.C.
Mar. 22/2012 “Impressed with quick report and explanation by radiologist. Thanks Dr. Attariwala!” K.L.
Feb. 23/2012 “Government lost my file for over 4 months! Important to know what is going on, excellent work!” J.R.
Jan. 13/2012 “Excellent appointment and service, very fortunate.”
Dec. 16/2011 “Great new technology & immediate doctor consultation.” M.E.
Dec. 14/2011 “Your team provdes an excellent facility. I appreciate your imaging technology available. Thanks for answering all my questions :)” R.H.
Dec. 12/2011 “Convenient location, prompt service & reasonable price.” A.M.
Nov. 18/2011 “Very pleasant experience.” G.T.
Nov. 15/2011 “We got to the bottom of our problems quickly. Thank you.” T.P.
Oct. 25/2011 “Very good experience.”
Oct. 21/2011 “Keep up the good work.” B.S.
Sept. 30/2011 “I liked the fact that I got my results right away!” K.A.
Sept. 30/2011 “Very friendly answering all my questions.” C.D.
Sept. 25/2011 “Great reputation and speed.” J.E.
Aug. 18/2011 “Very affordable and convenient process.” G.S.
Aug. 7/2011 “Quick appointment and great referral!” B.K.
Jul. 28/2011 “I was very impressed with the facility and would refer others. Thank you.” D.G.
Jul. 15/2011 “After much research I’m glad I chose AIM.”
Jul. 14/2011 “Everything was great.” M.P.
Jul. 11/2011 “Offers the best service with same day results.”
Jun. 29/2011 “You guys do a good job.”
Jun. 24/2011 “Excellent immediate results and report!” S.G.
Jun. 24/2011 “I have had MRIs at other facilites but never got to review the results with anyone & always had to wait for the report. THANK YOU!” R.M.
May. 26/2011 “Referred by my doctor, its all good!” J.B.
May. 18/2011 “Excellent friendly and honest support and services.” A.M.
May. 16/2011 “Everything was great, really enjoyed the immediate radiology consult, thank you!”
May. 16/2011 “Really enjoyed the thoroughness of the test; expertise of Dr. Raj.” J.O.
May. 12/2011 “My chiropracter referred me – Great Service!”
May. 6/2011 “I had an MRI a few days ago & it was extremely helpful to have it so quickly. Thanks to all your staff. I will tell everyone about your service and will use it again.” G.B
Apr. 28/2011 “Everyone treated me great. Thank you – good treatment.” R.S.
Apr. 20/2011 “My physiotherapist told me this was a nice facility with good results. You answered all my questions immediately, and I’d say thats pretty good!” I.F.
Apr. 19/2011 “Friends came here and were very happy with your facility. Thank you.” T.P.
Apr. 18/2011 “Website impressive, cost and immediate results. Very good!” N.C.
Apr. 18/2011 “Everyone & everything was extremely professional, knowledgeable, curteous and clean.” P.L.
Apr. 8/2011 “I had a great experience at your facility this last Tuesday. Fromt the staff to the MRI technician, to the radiologist, everyone was so friendly. The environment at the facility is great, and not all gloomy like the MRI locations in the hospitals. The staff was very polite and helpful, the technician, Wayne, was very generous in capturing a couple extra images to provide a comprehensive review of the proglem, and the radiologist, Dr. Sharma, was extremely detailed in answering all my queries.” P.V.
Apr. 5/2011 “Didnt want to wait the 10 months in the system, great service.” G.B.
Mar. 27/2011 “Great Service.”
Mar. 15/2011 “Thank you for your help! Great open bore, location and same day diagnosis!”
Feb. 23/2011 “I needed a total health assessment & my friend referred me to you. Very pleased!”
Feb. 10/2011 “Your head to toe MRI was fantastic.”
Jan. 28/2011 “Great feedback from others receiving same CCSVI scans. Very helpful staff and a comfortable environment. Would love to receive follow up options. Thanks!” S.H.
Jan. 19/2011 “Was told you are the best and come highly recommended.” G.R.
Dec. 1/2010 “Wonderful experience, Thank you!”
Dec. 1/2010 “Great new equipment, staff are very polite and helpful.”
Nov. 30/2010 “Just a note to thank you for including me in your CCSVI follow-up research information project. Your professional approach, knowledge, patience, understanding and friendliness is greately appreciated. I have and will continue to refer patients your way. Thanks again.” B.B.
Nov. 16/2010 “I was extremely impressed wtih your professional, yet personable attitude. Thank you!” P. G.
Nov. 16/2010 “Quick turn around time for my report was incredible.” J.
Nov. 8/2010 “Speed of my appointment & results were fantastic, all MS patients should come here.”
Nov. 5/2010 “Everything was Great!” J.
Nov. 3/2010 “Great fast results! I like the ‘spa’ like decor – calm and relaxing.”
Nov. 3/2010 “I have all positive comments to say about your clinic.” J.
Nov. 3/2010 “Willingness to service non-residents is very convenient.”
Nov. 2/2010 “Our immediate answers and comfort of knowlege is a great service.”
Oct. 15/2010 “Very good facility and service, thank you!” R. M.
Oct. 14/2010 “Very prompt caring service – thank you!!”
Oct. 4/2010 “My follow up CCSVI scan was wonderful, thanks to your clinic for everything you have done for me.”
Oct. 1/2010 “Thanks to my chiropracter who referred me to your wonderful clinic.” M.
Sep. 30/2010 “Dr. Cameron suggested i call you, thanks for everything.” J. M.
Sep. 29/2010 “I would recommend you to all!” C. G.
Sep. 28/2010 “My son recommended you, thanks for everything!” I.T.
Sep. 18/2010 “Thanks for making it as comfortable as possible.”
Sep. 7/2010 “My friend referred me, and everything was great!” S. M.
Aug. 17/2010 “I recently had the good fortune to hear about Aim Medical Imaging and booked an appointment for a full body MRI. I believe in being proactive about health care and with several high risk factors I felt this service would be invaluable in providing a non invasive, technologically advanced view of my body. The whole experience from start to finish was 1st rate. From the friendly receptionist to the excellent technician through to sitting down and reviewing all the images with the radiologist the experience was informative, well explained and comfortable. Not all MRI machines are the same and it was important to me that I chose a center that has the most up to date, state of the art equipment. For the price of a short holiday I now have an invaluable amount of knowledge to refer to 365 days of the year! Thank you!” A. W.
Aug. 11/2010 “I am familiar with Vancouver and your location. I found your website very professional and easy to understand the information. I cant Thank You enough for all your help. Your doctors and staff will leave a positive and lasting memory with me for years to come.” J.M.
Aug. 10/2010 “Overall great test” J.D
Jul. 13/2010 “I was not feeling good and was looking at a place where I could have some exams of my whole body. To have a full body scan in a short time. To have ease of mind to see if I really had something wrong with me…” P.R.
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Jul. 9/2010 “Am very happy with your clinic and my appointment yesterday.” D.C.
Jun. 10/2010 “As someone who has experienced all the ‘joys’ of the Public Health Care system, attending your clinic was amazing. The staff were all very friendly and the whole experience was amazing. I will definitely be recommending the service to others. If you could only fix backs too!!” R.R.
Jun. 7/2010 “Excellent facility with a calm & professional attitude to patients. Full body MRI offers great peace of mind.” S.P.
Jun. 4/2010 “The experience at AIM was incredible. From the moment I arrived, the staff were professional and compassionate to my needs. My experience with the MRI was thorough and comfortable. Their technician made me feel at ease and explained in great detail what to expect and communicated to me throughout the procedure. The unique experience with AIM was receiving your results immediately. The comprehensive report provided by their highly trained radiologist enabled me to receive my diagnosis immediately. I didn’t have to wait for the results and was able to start planning the course of action for my treatment right away. I would highly recommend AIM Medical Imaging and their team of professionals to receive immediate results and peace of mind.” K.R.S.
May 21/2010 “A million thank you’s for seeing my daughter M. yesterday and helping us find the problem. After four months and several doctors and surgeons, we were extremely glad to have met you and really appreciate all your expertise and training. You are a very valuable person and we cannot thank you enough. Thanks again.” G.H.
May 18/2010 “Thank you for going the step further to find the area causing the problem!” C.R.
May 13/2010 “This comes with the biggest thank you! For helping me with the MRI – I am so very grateful.” K.P.
May 6/2010 “We really appreciate the friendly, professional way we were treated, no ‘hurry-up’ and get this done, very relaxed atmosphere.”
May 5/2010 “Awesome! I’ll recommend everyone I know!” S.S.
Apr. 28/2010 “You can’t improve perfection. Everything & everyone was great. Highly recommended.” I.G.
Apr. 23/2010 “I cannot thank you enough for your caring staff, for helping me ease my mind and actually finding the reason for my pain. I will recommend you to EVERYONE!!” A.B.
Apr. 21/2010 “Excellent service. Thank you.” R.G.
Mar. 31/2010 “The only way it impacted my life is that I got my results & testing done rather than waiting for the medical system (6 month wait at that time).”
Mar. 26/2010 “It showed my PCL very clearly, much better than X-ray. The specialist explanation was also very helpful. Nobody should wait 10 months for MRI.”
Feb. 15/2010 “Thank you so much!” C.L.
Feb. 5/2010 “Exceptional service & care. Will refer others.”
Feb. 2/2010 “One-on-one discussion with radiologist was great!” A.H.
Jan. 25/2010 “I was able to have treatment within a month, at home two years to wait for scan & treatment, I was able to have treatment once we saw my MRI.” R.P.
Jan. 18/2010 “The fast process detected a ruptured disc at L5-S1. I had been battling this problem for 8 years. I had surgery after AIM imaging and am feeling good again.” T.A.
Jan. 14/2010 “Getting the MRI as quick as I did allowed me to get the physio therapy I required to get my injury to my hamstring back to normal ASAP. The service I received from AIM from the time I arrived until I left was above average in all areas.” T.B.
Jan. 10/2010 “Open bore MRI is great – That’s why I came here! Thank you.” B.S.
Dec. 20/2009 “My consultation with Dr. Attariwala was very informative. I appreciate all the time he spent with me. I will tell all my friends!” J.C.
Dec. 15/2009 “I’ve been working in private healthcare for over 8 years. You are setting new standards! Thank you for everything!” G.J.P.
Nov. 30/2009 “I really did not know what was expected, a little frightened when first started, but the staff took away all my worry, really very happy with the whole process today will recommend this office to friends and family. Thanks for making me feel comfortable.” E.C.
Nov. 20/2009 “I appreciate attention & professionalism while the screen & explanations, patience, knowledge and enthusiasm of the attending radiologist. Thank you.” A.
Nov. 2/2009 “Excellent care & consideration – Wayne helped so much to alleviate my anxiety. Thank you all!” J.L.
Oct. 30/2009 “Thanks very much – see you in 1 year for my annual.”
Oct. 26/2009 “It was perfect. XO.”
Oct. 17/2009 “Thank you so much!!” L.G.M.
Oct. 16/2009 “Great Service! Thanks!” C.Z.
Sep. 30/2009 “The very best #1!” C.L.
Sep. 14/2009 “Speechless…can’t thank you enough for this service!” J.M.
Aug. 31/2009 “Excellent care and consideration. Thank you all!”
Aug. 20/2009 “I appreciate the attention and professionalism while the scan & explanations, and the knowledge of the attending radiologist. Thank you.”
Aug. 1/2009 “I felt hesitant at first but was in a great faction at AIM. First class facility!” B.C.C.