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10 12, 2012

Residents of BC Faced Second Longest Wait Times for MRI in 2012

2012-12-10T17:32:04-05:00December 10th, 2012|MRI Vancouver|

  Although wait times for MRI scans have gone down in BC over 2012, the province is tied with Nova Scotia for the second-longest wait times in the country. With a median waiting time of 16 weeks, Prince Edward Island has the longest diagnostic interim out of the Canadian provinces, followed by BC and Nova Scotia at 12 weeks, and [...]

4 12, 2012

Repeated CT Scans Linked to Breast Cancer: Study

2012-12-04T08:11:31-05:00December 4th, 2012|MRI Vancouver|

Not only is MRI technology the most effective form of diagnostic imaging, it is also the safest. Imaging solutions like X-rays are paradoxical; on one hand, they are able to address and diagnose immediate health concerns, but on the other hand they threaten future health by exposing the body to harmful radiation. A new Chicago study has [...]

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