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22 04, 2013

3T MRI not Superior to 1.5T

2013-04-22T19:00:56-04:00April 22nd, 2013|MRI, MRI Vancouver, Whole Body MRI|

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, uses the power of a magnetic field to image the soft tissues of the body without any radiation. The magnet's strength is measured in Teslas. The state-of-the-art Open Bore MRI at AIM features a 1.5 Tesla (or 1.5T) magnet, which is currently the gold standard worldwide. There are various strengths [...]

15 04, 2013

Concerned Doctors Release National Maximum Wait Time Report

2013-04-15T20:11:57-04:00April 15th, 2013|Early Cancer Detection, MRI, MRI Research, MRI Vancouver|

In 2004, a group of Canadian doctors  formed the Wait Time Alliance (WTA) out of concern about rising wait times across the country for health care services. Their initial focus was on improving wait times in five areas (cancer care, heart health, joint replacement, sight restoration and diagnostic imaging), and has since expanded to other key health [...]

8 04, 2013

Common Misconceptions about Lung, Colon Cancer

2013-04-08T20:00:58-04:00April 8th, 2013|MRI Research, MRI Vancouver, Whole Body MRI|

AIM's Dr. Attariwala is currently in the middle of a study using whole body diffusion MRI scanning to research early diagnosis of lung and colon cancers. Both cancers have been subject to stereotyping; lung cancer patients are often assumed smokers, while many people believe that older males make up the majority of colon cancer patients. [...]

2 04, 2013

MRI Study Concludes Migraine Sufferers Likely to have Brain Abnormalities

2013-04-02T16:08:38-04:00April 2nd, 2013|MRI, MRI Research|

A migraine headache is more fearsome than the headaches you might suffer if you're dehydrated or had one too many glasses of wine. Migraines can be completely debilitating, causing intense pain, sensitivity to light, movement and sound, and in some cases nausea and vomiting. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 300 million people worldwide [...]

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