Concerned Doctors Release National Maximum Wait Time Report

In 2004, a group of Canadian doctors  formed the Wait Time Alliance (WTA) out of concern about rising wait times across the country for health care services. Their initial focus was on improving wait times in five areas (cancer care, heart health, joint replacement, sight restoration and diagnostic imaging), and has since expanded to other key health care areas that need attention.

On March 26, the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR), a member of the WTA,  released a report called National Maximum Wait Time Access Targets for Medical Imaging (MRI and CT). The report features 13 key recommendations designed to promote a consistent level of care across the country in medical imaging. The report also focuses on redefining how imaging waits are measured, tracked and recorded, in order to streamline and economize a fair waiting process in Canada.

“The [Canadian Association of Radiologists] hopes its report will benefit provincial processes by offering standardized definitions and methodology for wait times and measurements,” says Dr. Jamie Fraser, president of the CAR. “A pan-Canadian approach to medical imaging access, with objective and consistent assessment of data, will ultimately promote equitable and timely access to imaging based on medical need, regardless of geographical challenges.”

To read more about the Wait Time Alliance, click here.

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