Benefits of Whole Body MRI

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is the most accurate, effective and safe diagnostic imaging choice for patients in 2018. Unlike X-Ray, CT or PET imaging which use large amounts of radiation to look inside the body, MRI achieves

AIM Full Body Diffusion MRI

Images from AIM’s Whole Body MRI Scan

clearer and more accurate results with no ionizing radiation. While highly effective imaging single body areas such as the spine, liver or brain, MRI is also capable of scanning the entire body for physical abnormalities, tumours in the earliest stages of formation, or simply an overall snapshot of one’s general health.

What are some of the benefits of AIM’s Whole Body Diffusion MRI scan?


Modern MR imaging technology can accomplish what once only biopsies could. Eliminate the need for invasive procedures with whole body MRI.

No Radiation

While medical imaging techniques like X-Ray and CT have undoubtedly saved lives, they have paradoxically contributed to higher exposure to radiation in vulnerable patients. Eliminate the unnecessary stress of radiation exposure–MRI is virtually free of ionizing radiation, making it the go-to choice of anyone already undergoing radiation therapy.

Catch it Early

Cancer caught in Stages I or II has much higher life expectancy than one discovered in stage IV or V. AIM’s full body Diffusion MRI picks up tumours less than a centimetre in diameter, pinpointing cancer in it’s earliest stages. If cancer is in your family history, a full body MRI preventive screening test is the most powerful medical imaging tool available to you in 2018.



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