Spring Months Designated for Cancer Research in Canada, US

In North America, spring is the season that receives the most fervent welcome from a populace who has grumbled through the final winter months. It’s fitting, then, that at a national level in Canada and the United States, April and May respectively have come to symbolize support for fellow citizens fighting cancers.

April is Daffodil Month in Canada. The daffodil, one of spring’s first blooms, is the Canadian Cancer Society’s official symbol of hope, and their daffodil pin is worn by thousands of Canadians to show support for others living with cancer.

The AACR (Americian Association for Cancer Research, where  Dr. Attariwala and AIM’s head MRI technologist, Wayne Picker, presented AIM’s early cancer detection techniques at the AACR’s conference in San Diego in February), designates May as the official .

Both the AACR and the Canadian Cancer Society offer many different options for anybody looking to join the fight against cancer. Donating your time as a volunteer, wearing a daffodil, or even spreading the word to your friends through social media are great places to start.

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