AIM offering MRI scans for diagnostic cancer research study


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March 25, 2013

AIM offering MRI scans for diagnostic cancer research study

[Vancouver] – As part of AIM Medical Imaging’s commitment to advancing state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging in Canada, the private MRI clinic is announcing a new phase of research into early lung and colon cancer diagnosis. Potential candidates may be eligible for a Whole Body and PETCT scan, free of charge.

“In the United States and abroad, patients who are suspected of having cancer are provided with a staging functional imaging test (usually PETCT), which is used as a baseline to monitor the response to cancer treatment,” says Dr. Raj Attariwala, CEO and head radiologist at AIM. “Unfortunately, this baseline study is not routinely performed in BC, and thus assessing response to treatment can be delayed, or is unknown.”

Lung and colorectal cancer are respectively the first and second leading causes of cancer deaths in Canadian men and women. In 2012, lung cancer cases resulted in approximately 20, 200 fatalities. Colorectal cancer cases in 2012 saw 9, 200 fatalities.

“The current worldwide gold standard for early non-invasive cancer diagnosis is a functional PETCT scan, a technique first approved by US Medicare in 1998,” says Dr. Attariwala. “However, access to PETCT in most of Canada is limited, and current research shows that state of the art functional MRI sequences like those routinely used at AIM are just as effective. Therefore, in the future these non-invasive MRI tests may become more available to a greater number of Canadians to help with early cancer detection, which will ultimately save lives.”

Established in 2009, AIM Medical Imaging is a patient-centred organization dedicated to providing fast and accurate advanced diagnostic solutions to Canadians. AIM uses a Siemens Espree T-Class Open Bore MRI scanner—the only one of its kind in Western Canada.

The research study, which will take place over the balance of 2013, is seeking patients diagnosed in first stages of lung and colon cancer to participate. Eligible patients will be offered AIM’s unique Whole Body advanced cancer detection scan, as well as a staging PETCT, free of charge.


For more information please contact our office at 604.733.4007


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