MRI aids research into teenage drinking

Teenage drinking is an issue, but not all adolescents who start drinking underage are at risk of becoming problem drinkers.

An article published on Medical News Today says researchers can predict which kids are at risk of developing a problem using special MRI scans of the brain.

According the article, researchers scanned 40 different teenagers, between the ages of 12 and 16, before they started drinking and rescanned them three years later.

The study discovered that by using special MRI techniques researchers could analyze certain patterns of brain activity to determine which kids are at risk of becoming problem drinkers.

The article doesn’t suggest that all teenagers should now have their brains’ imaged. It notes the importance of the study and the clues it provides about the biological origins of underage problem drinking.

MRI moves science forward and this article is another reminder of the benefits of advanced imaging.

At AIM Medical Imaging, our state-of-the-art MRI techniques allow us to provide first class, quality healthcare.

We have completed thousands of preventative whole body scans, offer CCSVI screening for Multiple Sclerosis, work in collaboration with Dr. William Gibson to aid his obesity research, have participated in numerous medical conferences and much more.

To read the article on Medical News Today or to find out more information about the advanced imaging options offered at our clinic check out the links below!

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