Rising rate of non-smoking women dying from lung cancer

CTV News recently reported that doctors noted a new phenomenon; more non-smoking women are dying of lung cancer. This phenomenon may be scary, but at AIM Medical Imaging our advanced technology can discover cancer before it is too late.

Lung cancer is the biggest cause of cancer death in Canada, accounting for a quarter of all cancer deaths, according to CTV News.

The vast majority of these deaths can be attributed to smoking, but CTV News reported that doctors are noticing a rising number of women living healthy lifestyles that are dying of lung cancer.

This new phenomenon has medical experts puzzled, according to CTV News, as they aren’t sure why the increase is taking place.

“This increase in cancer in young people was one of the main reasons AIM Medical Imaging was established to perform whole body screening,” says Dr. Raj Attariwala, medical director and physician at AIM Medical Imaging.

At our private MRI clinic here in Vancouver, AIM Medical Imaging, we have been able to discover lung cancer and other types of cancer with our whole body MRI screen, says Dr. Attariwala.

Our Whole Body MRI with Advanced Cancer Detection can scan you from head to toe to find cancer, even in its preliminary stages.

“With cancer, the earlier the detection, the better the outcome,” says Dr. Attariwala.

At AIM Medical Imaging we encourage you to be proactive about your health. Book your Whole Body MRI with Advanced Cancer Detection today!

To read more from CTV News click this link: CTV Story

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