The Importance of Follow up Imaging

We had a man in recently for a whole body scan. The advanced 3D images showed cysts in his kidneys.

Providing complete care is important to us, so when our doctor thought one of the cysts appeared to be abnormal we asked him to come back for a follow up scan.

The patient came back to our clinic last week and MRI of his abdomen revealed that the abnormality was actually a tumor.

Had he not come back to our clinic, he would not have known.

This patient’s story shows just how beneficial our preventative whole body scan is and it is also a reminder of how important follow up examinations really are!

Book a whole body scan with us today, so we can provide you with clear answers and results.

2012-07-23T17:41:37-04:00July 23rd, 2012|MRI Vancouver|

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