The Future of Healthcare has Arrived!

In partnership with the MyCare programs, MyCare MedTech Inc. (MMi) announces the introduction of its ground breaking Mobile Health (mHealth) and Virtual Health (vHealth) services, available September 2015.

Services will include:MMi - The future of healthcare

  • Electronic Personal Medical Records (PMR) – accessible 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world
  • Virtual Physician Consultation – online direct consultation from home, office or while travelling. Beneficial for corporations as it may reduce absenteeism up to 50% and prescription drug costs up to 40%
  • eClinic Membership – a health information exchange offering a multitude of products and services to members. All MyCare group and individual members are automatically enrolled as members of the MyCare eClinic

MMi’s programs are available to individuals and as an addition to an employee group benefit program; a level of benefits never before seen in Canada.

Healthcare as it should be: affordable, timely and comprehensive.

Services begin in September 2015!

Please visit MMi’s website for more information –

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