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Immediate access to Wide Open Bore MRI! CCSVI and Whole Body Imaging are some of our unique techniques currently available.

At AIM we are dedicated to be the leading facilitator of choice for patients, doctors, communities and government bodies needing our help. We are dedicated to quality patient care and bringing excellence, respect, and integrity into all facets of our operations. Our Open Bore MRI scanner accommodates larger (up to 550lbs) and claustrophobic patients, don’t forget to bring your IPOD!

We provide physicians and patients same day appointments and same day reports. Our team of on-site radiologists will sit down and review your results with you, issue your medical report, and provide a copy of your examination – all in ONE VISIT! Get the answers you are looking for now! Why Wait? Experience the AIM Difference!

We, like all patients and families suffering from MS, wish to expedite research in this field here in Canada. Whilst there is no proven link between CCSVI & MS, we are dedicated to investigating this possibility with a timely cost effective and closely regulated protocol.

At AIM we perform a complete contrast enhanced ‘traditional’ MS MRI study of the brain and cervical cord in addition to CCSVI research protocol. We use the research based Siemen’s MRI protocol developed by Dr. Mark Haake to ensure consistency of MRI data analysis which includes SWI and Flow Quantification.

Full Body MRI Screening
Not all Full Body MRI Scans are created equal. Our Radiologists have assembled unique equipment for generating and reviewing images to advance the field of diagnostic imaging with Advanced Cancer Detection Techniques. Our MRI machine, unlike other MRI machines in the country, produces images comparable to a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner, without the radiation.

Diffusion Weighted Imaging with Background Suppression (DWIBS) is able to distinguish a tumor in normal looking tissue. This is because unlike other MRI sequences, DWIBS shows the relatively dense molecular structure of the rapidly dividing tumor. This sequence was designed to achieve images similar to a PET scan. Research has shown DWIBS achieves a diagnostic confidence comparable to that of a PET scan.
**A facility with this unique capability plays an important role when choosing an imaging centre that’s right for you.

We are open 7 days a week, including Weekends and Evenings! We are easily accessible, and provide free underground parking.

We are proudly Canadian, physician owned and operated.

Why Wait? Experience the AIM Difference.

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