Medical study recommends MRI, not CT scans

The medical world is buzzing about the correlation between CT scans and cancer.

There have been many articles published in medical journals and websites about a recent study, which found that exposure to radiation from CT scans increases the risk of leukemia and brain cancer.

According to the study, the risk of developing cancer is exceptionally great for children. Research discovered that the use of CT scans on children triples their chances of being diagnosed with leukemia or brain cancer.

The study recommended, “radiation doses from CT scans ought to be kept as low as possible and alternative procedures, which do not involve ionising radiation, should be considered if appropriate.”

Dr. Raj Attariawala, the medical director and radiologist at AIM Medical Imaging, suggests talking to your doctor about considering an MRI scan, instead of a CT scan.

“MRI gives more information than a CT scan, with no radiation,” he says.

Why expose yourself to radiation? MRI allows you and your doctor to see what you need to see, without harming your body.

Talk to your doctor about MRI today.

To read more about this and view the study, click the the links:

The Lancet: Medical Journal

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