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Vancouver MRI Clinic

AIM was founded in 2009 with unique hardware and software designed to perform whole body MRI. As of early 2013 only 17 machines like ours have been installed worldwide (no others in Canada). Our pioneering efforts have been recognized by worldwide leaders in the MRI field who invited us to share our knowledge in a recently published review article in the journal of MRI.

Please click here for article link.

MyCare Programs

mycareAIM is a proud provider of MRI services to Assured Diagnosis Inc, the owner and developer of the MyCare programs in collaboration with world renowned Mayo Clinic. MyCare offers Canadians access to Mayo Clinic expertise and services such as; initial diagnosis assistance, medical second opinions, formal medical file review, additional diagnostic testing, access to special assessments as well as treatment/surgery at one of Mayo Clinic’s 3 US campuses. Visit website.

Full Body MRI Screening

These whole body MRI techniques are so leading edge, many doctors are unaware of their powerful diagnostic capabilities, and as such our review article is accredited by the American Medical Association for Continuing Medical Education credit.

If you have medical conditions that may affect the whole body, or are interested in proactive health screening contact us for further information or to set up an appointment.

State of the Art

Our unique hardware and software permit us to perform high quality routine MRI scans of individual body parts such as brain, knee, shoulder, spine etc. Unlike other facilities we do not charge extra for specialized sequences. As we have doctors onsite, they customize your MRI scan to ensure that the maximum diagnostic information can be obtained from your scan. Our philosophy is simple “treat patients the way you want to be treated” Because someday we will all be patients.

Our goal at AIM is to advance the state of the art for our patients best interest.

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